Three Little Ladies Rabbitry, Jersey Wooly
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Three Ways to Subscribe

You can now subscribe to a website just as you would subscribe to a magazine. The website must be set up to send its info across the web via whatís called an rss feed. Sites with that capability will usually show a button with either RSS or XML. Three Little Ladies Rabbitry was the first rabbit website to take advantage of this technology. Itís rather easy to set up. Hereís three ways to subscribe to our articles at Three Little Ladies Rabbitry:

  • If you have a My Yahoo page you can click on the My Yahoo button below and our articles will appear on youíre My Yahoo page. Each time we add an article; the title will be displayed on the page for you and will stay there for up to a week. Just click on the article title to read the article. Itís that simple.
    My Yahoo
  • The second option is to use was called a feed reader. We use Feed Reader. You can download a free copy of it at Once its downloaded click on File in the menu area, then click on add. A box will be displayed and you can copy and paste the following in the location of feed box: then click on the Next button and then the Finish button, and our new articles will come to that reader each time we update our site with a new article.
  • The other option is to use an email program such as Thunderbird, or a web browser such as Firefox, to add our content there. If you have questions on how to set that up send me an email and Iíll give you those instructions.