Three Little Ladies Rabbitry, Jersey Wooly
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Three Little Ladies - Sales Policy

All bunny sales at Three Little Ladies Rabbitry are stricly held to the following sales policy and guarantee. A copy of this policy will be given to every new owner at the time of sale. Three Little Ladies Rabbitry has the right to refuse any sale. All sales are final, and we cannot refund money, or take back a rabbit for any reason.


  • All of our rabbits will be healthy to the best of our knowledge at the time of sale. A complete health inspection will be done in your presence at the time of exchange.
  • We will not sell any rabbit showing outward signs of infection, sore hocks, snuffles or any other visible illness.
  • We handle our rabbits on a daily basis. As such all of our rabbits have good temperament. We will not sell any animal that shows signs of agression or biting


  • The animals we have listed as show or breeding stock are animals we believe would have qualities that would be useful in a breeding or showing program.
  • Any known faults or disqualifications are clearly listed on our for sale page.
  • Every judge and every breeding is different and we cannot guarantee the results of your showing or breeding any rabbit purchased from us
  • All show and breeding quality stock will be sold with a complete pedigree.


  • Show Quality - $30 and up
  • Breeding Quality - $25 and up
  • Pet Quality - $20

Holding Policy

  • We require a non-refundable 50% deposit on any rabbit you desire to purchase.
  • No bunny will be considered on hold until the deposit is received.
  • Bunnies can be held on your behalf for a maximum of 2 weeks.
  • Unless prior arrangements have been made, any bunny not picked up in two weeks will be relisted as for sale on our sale page, and your deposit will be forfeited.
  • The balance will be due at the time of pickup in either cash or certified funds.
  • Held bunnies are still considered property of Three Little Ladies Rabbitry until they have been paid for in full.


  • Because of our busy schedule we cannot offer shipping on any rabbit. All rabbits must be picked up at Three Little Ladies Rabbitry, or may be picked up at any show we attend.
  • Rabbits being picked up at a show, must be picked up by 10:00am.
  • You must notify us at least 24 hours in advance if you will be picking up at a show we attend.
  • On occassion we can meet you half way to arrange for a pickup. Please email us regarding that information.


  • All pet bunnies sold by Three Little Ladies Rabbitry will include our Pet Bunny Package
  • Pet bunnies are sold without a pedigree, however each pet bunny will be sold with its own special Bunny Birth Certificate
  • Each pet bunny will be sold with several bunny treats
  • A one week supply of food and oats will be included with the sale of a pet bunny.
  • You can receive free advice on any rabbit you purchase by posting questions on our website forum or by emailing us.