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Rabbit Facts

We have a list of 40 More Interesting Facts: More Rabbit Facts

One of the most popular pages on our website is our Rabbit Facts page. It receives several hundred hits per day. The page though is not all inclusive and weíve been doing some additional research to find some lesser known rabbit facts. Although we still donít have every interesting rabbit fact, hereís a few more, and Iím sure we can come up with more in a future article

More Interesting Rabbit Facts

  1. Heart Rate - 130-325 per minute
  2. Respirations per minute - 32-60
  3. Rectal Temperature - 103.3-104 (38-40C)
  4. Daily Water Intake - 300g
  5. Average Running Speed - 35-45 mph
  6. Price for 50 lb bag of feed - $13.99
  7. Rabbits harvested each year by hunters - 13,000,000
  8. US households with a pet rabbit - 2.2 million
  9. Retail rabbit sales average - $16 - $20 millions per year
  10. Pet Supply Industry Sales related to rabbits - $216 million
  11. The Average Cost per year to raise a doe - $83
  12. Pounds of rabbit meat consumed each year in the US - 37 Million
  13. ARBA sanctioned rabbit shows/year - 3,000
  14. Total feet of intestines in a rabbit: 20 ft

Rabbit Facts - Conclusion

So now you have learned a few facts about rabbits. Rabbits are an enjoyable pet, and also fun to breed.

Rob Usakowski
Three Little Ladies Rabbitry