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Rabbit Color Genetics

Basic Rabbit Genetics

  • Basics Behind Genetics

    An important part of any breeding program is an understanding of color genetics. Lisa Smith gives you all the basics in this easy to article that will wet your appetite for more on color genetics.

  • Intro to the Color Genes

    There are five basic genes that make up the color of every rabbit. This article will introduce you to these colors.

  • A - the Agouti Gene

    This gene creates rings of color on the individual hair strands.

  • B - The Black / Brown Gene

    This gene determines if the rabbit has a black foundation or a brown one.

  • C - Color Sataturation

    This is one of the more interesting genes. It is also known as the chinchilla gene. There are several allelles of this gene some of which are effected by temperature.

  • D - Dilute

    A simple gene having to do with how strongly the color will appear in individual hair strands.

  • E - Extension

    This gene determines if the hair color goes completely to the end of the individual hair strand. This gene creates shaded rabbit colors.

Learn More About Rabbit Color Genetics

  • Common Genetics Terms

    Many unfamiliar words get used in genetics. We take a little time to define those words for you to assist in your study of genetics.

  • Color Genetics and Punnett Squares

    The Punnett Square is a very useful tool in determining possible rabbit colors from a breeding. This articles gives the basics on how to use this tool.

  • Advanced Punnett Squares

    Single lotus punnett squares are fairly easy to work with, but they can be done with several Loti.

  • Other Color Genes

    Heres a brief look at the other genes that contribute to rabbit color

Helpful Rabbit Genetics Tools

  • Genetic Color Chart

    This is a chart of color group by which "C" lotus gene is dominant, then grouped by A gene all the way down to E gene.

  • Punnett Squares Quiz

    Ok you think you have punnett squares all figured out. Take this really cool quiz. It actually works as an awesome teaching tool as well.