Three Little Ladies Rabbitry, Jersey Wooly
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Jersey Wooly Rabbits for Sale in Michigan

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Americas #1 Jersey Wooly Youth Breeder

Our jersey wooly rabbits are bred to meet the highest standards in both quality and temperament. We have proven genetic lines that closely conform to the ARBA Standard of Perfection. As a result, you can expect a more predictable outcome in your breedings. We have have always stressed proper temperament in our barn. Rabbits not meeting that standand are culled immediately and never a part of our breeding program. Below is a list of rabbits we currently have for sale. If theres something you are looking for but do not see it, please send us a message as we may have other rabbits for sale.

We Offer:
4-h member specials
Variety specific starter trios
Show Quality rabbits at a reasonable price
Excellent temperament
Fast/Friendly service

TLL's Addison *SOLD*

Jersey Wooly for Sale, Michigan
Senior Doe

Self, REW

Please read our Rabbit Sales Policy for pricing and sales guidelines.

Customer Reviews of Three Little Ladies Rabbitry

ST - Michigan

Dear Three Little Ladies, Thank you so much. He is perfect!! So calm and sweet! We are in love and impressed with how calm and laid back he is. I hope you like the pictures and it brings you joy to know "Smokie" will be cherished and cared for. Thanks again.

MD - Michigan

I just wanted to let you know how Fluffy (named by the children in my class) is doing. All of the children love her dearly and can't wait for their turn to hold her. She now has her own play area. She is now on Christmas vacation and is being bunny sat by two of the students. Have a great holiday season.

Out of State

Great!! Just wanted to make sure!! We'll be in touch before the show!! I sooo appreciate you guys!!! Thanks again !! :))


I breed BPs and ES's but I love your website for all of the fantastic information on it!

KC - Alabama

Thank you for your help over the last year or so! It has been so helpful to us! May the Lord bless you for your generosity toward us all in taking time to answer questions and such! :-)

D - Indiana

Wow i am so amazed I recently(in july) obtained a little white jersey wolly her ear number is tll99 and is known as tll's butter. I was looking through your rabbits and found "relatives including her mother" and i am proud to say she had her first litter of 8 but over time only two survived and I cant wait to breed her again in febuary. I am a beginng breeder and this was an amazing discovery.

L - South Korea

Great Job Girls! Love the site! This is my first experience with rabbits and you have made it very enjoyable! The great thing about you guys is that you consider every proboble outcome of a situation. I emailed you in regard to ask if my new rabbit was possibly expecting... You told me everything... I found out yesterday that she is due to have her kits any moment... Thank you so much for everything! GOOD LUCK!

TC - Malyasia

I am extremely honored to have known this wonderful family. They are always there giving me great advice and encouragements. I want to take this opportunity to thank the 4 wonderful ladies and 1 very kind man of Three Little Ladies Rabbitry, collectively known as the Usakowski family.