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World's Most Famous Rabbits

Who are the world's most famous rabbits? Do you remember the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland? How about the Easter Bunny? And who can forget Bugs Bunny? We detail out our 17 most famous rabbits from the silver screen, TV and literature. Take time to refelct on all these famous rabbits from your childhood.

  • #1 - Bugs Bunny

    Bugs Bunny

    Bugs Bunny is one of the most loved rabbits of all time. His antics along with Elmer Fudd have made Bugs Bunny the world's most famous rabbit.

  • #2 - Br'er Rabbit

    Br'er Rabbit was the ultimate trickster. The Br'er Rabbit stories are tied in with former U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt

  • #3 - Peter Rabbit

    Peter Rabbit is the title character of the popular children's book series written by Beatrix Potter.

  • #4 - Velveteen Rabbit

    The velveteen rabbit is the wonderful children's story about a stuffed rabbit. The rabbit becomes real after it is loved by its owner.

  • #5 - Easter Bunny

    Unlike Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny is somewhat of a vague character. Everyone tends to envision the Easter Bunny just a little bit differently.

  • #6 - Harvey

    Harvey was a play first on Broadway and then later made famous in the movie by the same name starring Jimmy Stewart.

  • #7 - Trix Rabbit

    The Trix rabbit is the cereal logo for Twix. He always tries to get the cereal but is told that Trix are for kids.

  • #8 - Roger Rabbit

    Roger Rabbit is a fictional cartoon character from the book Who Censored Roger Rabbit? and later the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

  • #9 - The Energizer Bunny

    The Energizer Bunny is the spokeperson for Energizer batteries. He carries around a large marching band bass drum, and he keeps drumming and drumming and drumming...

  • #10 - Rabbit, Winnie the Pooh

    Rabbit is a very sensible and responsible character from Winnie the Pooh. Rabbit is always busy doing something.

  • #11 - Thumper

    Thumper is the cute little bunny from Bambi. Even today children will often name their bunny Thumper.

  • #12 - The Hare (The Tortoise and the Hare)

    Aesop's Fables were stories written to teach a lesson. The hare is a somewhat self righteous, prideful and arrogant character, while the tortoise is the consistent hard working type.

  • #13 - The White Rabbit, Alice in Wonderland

    The story of Alice in Wonderland is a children's favorite written by Lewis Carroll. Alice's adventures begin when she sees a white rabbit scurry by, exclaiming, "I'm Late! I'm Late!".

  • #14 - The Duracell Bunnies

    The duracell bunny was the mascot for the copper top batteries. The bunny, operated by the batteries kept running, and running and running.

  • #15 - The Nesquik Bunny

    Nestle Quik was created in the 1950's as a milk flavoring mix. As part of a marketing campaign Nestle introduced the animated cartoon bunny wearing a "Q" on his shirt.

  • #16 - Jack-a-lope

    A jack-a-lope is a creature born from a dwarf deer and a jack rabbit. It maintains the overall body appearance of a rabbit, but develops horns like a deer.

  • #17 - Little Bunny Foo Foo

    Many of us remember singing Little Bunny Foo Foo as a child. Despite Bunny Foo Foo's bullying nature the song is actually sung in a rather light nature