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Rob Usakowski

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  1. Erika santos Mac OS X Safari 6531.22.7 says:

    I need some help. I ve been reading on color genetics and find it too complex. I need to know what color i can breed my black jersey wooly to get pointed or broken showable colors. I have also a ruby white eye doe. And a broken tort male. I want to get one rabbit for each to breed, whatcolor would u suggest. Thanks in advanced.

  2. Hi erika,

    You could breed your black jersey wooly to a broken to get brokens. If your black is a doe, you could breed to your broken tort. You most likely would get black or broken black, althought other things are possible, most would be showable. To get a pointed, you will have to purchase a pointed, as that gene does not appear to be in your herd. I can’t say for sure as I don’t know the entire genetic background of your existing animals. Hope that helps

    Rob Usakowski

  3. By the way I enjoyed your color genetics tutorials… Even after successfully raising rabbits for quite a few years now I still learned a lot.
    Thanks, Aaron

  4. Genetics are fascinating. We are still writing articles on genetics and hope to revise our genetics sections completely in the near future. I am glad that you have found them helpful. Thanks again for the compliment.

    Three Little Ladies Rabbitry

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