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Designing Your Rabbit / Rabbitry Logo

So you have a rabbitry and now you want a logo to reflect your rabbitry and your rabbits. A logo is important to any business. It quickly identifies who you are. Who doesn’t know the golden arches? Or the red … Continue reading

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Rising Costs, Cutting Expenses, Increase Prices

I was sitting at work last week, and the question came up about why it was so difficult to get a product called sweep. Sweep is a sawdust compound used to catch dust when sweeping floors. The reason it is … Continue reading

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Heating the Barn

This year we did something, I really never thought we should do. We purchased an inexpensive radiator type heater for the barn. Its a permanently sealed oil heater. Typically it keep s the barn 20-25 degree warmer than outside. The … Continue reading

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