Nutritional Value of Rabbit Meat

Many people will cringe at the thought of this article. Many people here in the United States will be outraged to even think of the various aspects of this article. Yet the fact remains that rabbit meat is one of the most nutritional meats available.


Lets start with a talk about cholesterol. The wrong types of cholesterol leads to many types of heart problems. Red meat and pork are equally high and are often discouraged in low cholesterol diets. Those who want to continue to eat some form of meat should consider rabbit which is lower in cholesterol than chicken. Below is a chart on this nutritional aspect of rabbit meat from a study by Alabama A & M University 1989.

Rabbit Meat Nutritional Value - Cholesterol

Rabbit Meat Nutritional Value - Cholesterol


Many diets focus on calories. The lower the calories of a food the greater impact it has on a positive diet. Amazingly rabbit meat is less than half the calories of pork, and about one half the calories of lamb and beef. The chart below shows the calories of various types of meat. The information is from USDA Circular 549.

Rabbit Meat Nutritional Value - Calories

Rabbit Meat Nutritional Value - Calories


Most meats are high in fats. Unfortunately they are high in the most undesirable fat which are the saturated fats. Below is a list of the percentage of fat content for various meats. As you can see rabbit meat again is the best meat choice as it is lowest in fat. This information can be found in 4-H publication 4H-1510.

Rabbit Nutritional Value - Fats

Rabbit Nutritional Value - Fats


We continue from the 4-H Publication, 4H-1510 which references USDA Circular 547 which details the percentage of proteins in various meats. Again the rabbit meat exceeds all other meat products.

Rabbit Nutritional Value - Protein

Rabbit Nutritional Value - Protein

Other Various Facts

In my research I have found some other various nutritional facts. 100% of the recommended daily allowance of B12 can be found in just 3.5 ounces of rabbit meat according to Many people will like the fact that rabbit meat is an all white meat, making it suitable for many diets. Rabbit meat also has 33% less sodium than chicken.

To summarize here are the benefits of rabbit meat:

  • low in cholersterol
  • low in calories
  • low in saturated fats
  • high in protein
  • low in sodium
  • all white meat
  • 100% of the RDA for B12

These facts led the USDA to proclaim that rabbit meat is the most nutritious meat known to man. Although we are not doctors and you should check with your physician, rabbit meat is recommended for a variety of health specific specialty diets. Hopefully you find this article interesting and thought provoking.

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Rob Usakowski
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10 Responses to Nutritional Value of Rabbit Meat

  1. john buford Linux Safari 533.1 says:

    I have no aversion to eating rabbit, but fat is an essential nutrient. Incidents of people starving to death while eating rabbit have been long documented. Rabbit is not the most nutritious food, otherwise people would not have starved while eating a consistent diet of it.

  2. Ian Morgan Windows XP Mozilla Firefox 3.6.17 says:

    What is the Iron content of Rabbit meat and organ meats?

    Thank You

  3. Thanks John for the input. I would enjoy reading the documentation you have on the starvation of those that ate rabbit meat.

  4. Rabbit meat is an OK source of iron. 100-grams (about 3.5 ounces) of rabbit meat contains 2.3 milligrams of iron or 13% of the recommended daily allowance. The great thing about the iron in rabbit meat is that it is absorbed into the body 2-3 times faster than iron received from plants. The iron in rabbit meat is called a “heme iron”, where plant iron is not.

  5. Coniglio Windows XP Google Chrome 12.0.742.91 says:

    This is the only meat that requires you to have desert after your meal in order to get the necessary fat you need to survive where you only to eat rabbit… any other meat already has enough fat and that is why you get fat if you have that desert on top of that… it is true that you can not survive on Rabbit alone, but neither will you make it on sweets or broccoli or any other single food substance available :-)

    The key is a balanced diet, and if you add Rabbit to a balanced diet you can not eat a healthier meat!

  6. J. May B Windows XP Mozilla Firefox 7.0.1 says:

    I can imagine that people who live in third world countries that maybe had only rabbit to eat, may have a problem with weight gain and possibly starvation, but in America, where obesity is such a huge issue, I highly doubt that anyone would “starve” from eating rabbit as part of a healthy diet. I am not saying that there are not hungry or even starving people in America, but I am saying that a good rabbit stew has got to be better for you than a double quarter pounder, fries and a coke! In my house this meat is exactly what we need! I made a fantastic stew with a large stewing rabbit, new baby potatoes, onions, wine, carrots, thyme, Chanterelle mushrooms and garlic. My family loved it! There was enough stew left to make individual pot pies in sourdough bread bowls (topped with mashed potatoes, garlic and cheddar cheese). My husband and son both said this was probably the best recipe I have ever made! You can see the photos and the recipe on my website. I intend to add more as I learn more recipes. Coming from somebody who will try and cook almost anything, this meat is fantastic and healthy and I am sure their will be a trend to more people raising rabbits for their own freezer!
    About the iron. Cook your rabbit in a cast iron dutch oven (I do). Your meal will be full of Iron. As a matter of fact, your meal will probably be so low in fat that you can cook a cake for dessert. I prefer a simple dump cake in my smaller cast iron dutch oven! My family is adding this to our meals at least 2-3 times per month!

  7. Greg Norman Windows 7 Mozilla Firefox 7.0.1 says:

    Starving on bunnies? What a hoot. Obviously John has not killed any bunnies. I have butchered hundreds and I can you tell they all have fat. This isn’t a hog or a cow but fat in a chicken is similar especially the does if you butcher them later than the typical age. Excess fat in a rabbit accumulates just like other animals in the haunches and in the belly. Some of it is in clumps large enough that I can separate some of it and set it aside for making sausages. I start with about 30-40 rabbits collect the excess fat and mix it with 15 to 20 de-boned rabbits. De-boning a bunch of raw rabbit is work, but so is chicken. If I want to do all the rabbit meat into sausage I will need to add some extra pork fat. About double the amount of fat from the rabbits.

    In fact one concern for breading rabbits is to not let the does get too fat because it accumulates on the lower inside of their belly and can press down on their fallopian tubes preventing their eggs from passing through the fallopian tubes. What good is a breading doe that goes sterile from internal belly fat? Soup is what she’s good for.

    Attend in a rabbit breeding contest and watch how the judge grades the meat breads. He/she feels for the body fat. Among other things the winners have to have just enough fat. Not to much not to little.

  8. Vence Baker Mac OS X Mozilla Firefox 8.0.1 says:

    As far as the comment about “starving to death” if you eat rabbit is crazy. If you were to eat rabbit alone, nothing else what so ever, then yes you could die from malnutrition. It’s called “Rabbit Starvation”. This does not mean that if you eat rabbit as your meat/protein source along with your vegetables and starches, that you are gonna die from lack of fat in your diet. Look at the nutritional values again, Rabbit has approximately 10% fat. Chicken has approximately 12-14%(looking at the graph bar). How many people have you heard of that have starved eating chicken as their only meat/protein? Rabbit meat is 2-4% lower in fat and I don’t think you will die from that decrease in fat.

  9. Belinda George Windows XP Internet Explorer 8.0 says:

    We have been considering raising rabbits for food for some time and we found your website to be very beneficial. I am looking forward to “starving” as I could easily lose 30 pounds.
    The comments gave me a good chuckle. I should have that excess body fat off in no time and I don’t think I need to have a fat supplement with the tasty rabbits in order to remain healthy. Thank you.

  10. Eating rabbit meat for good three days consecatively, can help a dieabetic and hypertensive patient.

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