ARBA Standard of Perfection

What is your rabbit suppose to look like? Does it matter? What breed of rabbit do I have? These are all great questions. A couple of which can be answered by one book: the ARBA’s Standard of Perfection.

The Standard of Perfection is published once every five years. Its current publication is for 2001-2015. Inside the standard are details of the 47 currently recognized ARBA rabbit breeds. It also includes the 13 recognized breeds of cavy.

ARBA Standard of Perfection

2011-2015 ARBA Standard of Perfection

The current edition, released in November 2010 is dedicated to Conall Addison and Dr. Chris Hayhow. Mr. Addison is best known for his work as the ARBA treasurer from 1978 until he retired in 2007. He is also a member of the ARBA Hall of Fame.

Dr. Chris Hayhow has been a member of the ARBA since he was 5 years old. He has been involved in many rabbit organizations. He has twice served as the ARBA president.

Each rabbit breed has a standards committee. The standards committee for each breed, recommends changes in the standard to the all breed national club. If approved by the club, those changes are published in an upcoming Standard of Perfection.

The Stand of Perfection is critical to those showing rabbits in the United States. Whether you are in 4-H or the ARBA you should obtain a copy of the standard. If you have a pet rabbit, the standard may help you discover your breed of rabbit.

The Standard of Perfection can be purchased from many cage dealers and from the ARBA. Either way I trust you will obtain your copy of the ARBA Standard of Perfection.

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Rob Usakowski
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2 Responses to ARBA Standard of Perfection

  1. stasi Windows 7 Mozilla Firefox 3.5.16 says:

    Hey i have a question. I have been raising rabbits for 20 years. My oldest has her first rabbit, a mini-lop and when i was looking him over i noticed a second set of front teeth growing behind the front set. Have you ever heard of this?? I can’t find any info anywhere. Thanks

  2. Hi, these are called the rabbits peg teeth. All rabbits have the peg teeth. The only time this would cause a problem is if those back teeth were to grow in longer than the front teeth.

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