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Judging 4H Show and ARBA Registrar

Our 4H club will be hosting its own local rabbit show in a couple of weeks. Our 4h leader asked me to be a judge at the show. At first, I was very hesitent, as I know some about hollands, … Continue reading

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Freedom at Stake

Yesterday was Memorial Day. Many people just view the day as another day off work. Yet the day was set aside as so much more. Orginally Memorial Day was created to remember the lives lost during the Civil War. Americans … Continue reading

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Famous Rabbit #4 – The Velveteen Rabbit

The Velveteen Rabbit is a story about a stuffed rabbit that discovers that toys can become real if they are loved by their owner. Unfortunately for the Velveteen rabbit he is a fogotten toy. The rabbit was a Christmas gift … Continue reading

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