Rabbit Overpopulation & World Hunger

I saw a post on a Yahoo Group I belong to regarding a site that was very negative towards rabbit breeders. The site was a rabbit rescue site, and it claimed that there is absolutely no reason to breed rabbits. In fact after reading their page I had to go back to the site and confirm I was reading about bunny breeding and not qualifications for adopting a child.

I thought about responsible rabbit breeding. I do believe we should be responsible. I get concerned about breeders that would actually breed their rabbits, have no market for them, and then release them into the wild. I don’t like to see bunnies being put in shelters and eventually euthenised because there is no home for them.

Ok this is where my daughters need to stop reading. You won’t like me anymore if you keep reading. All others please be open minded to what I write next.

I began to wonder how many of those people in the rescue also fight for the causes of world hunger? They cry out against rabbit overpopulation and also against world hunger. Ted Nugget would like this, well take off the blinders, and start eating the rabbits! Thats right, maybe they were made for each other. Maybe we have an overpopulation of rabbits so that the world hunger problem can be solved. Think about it for a moment, doesn’t it make sense?

Here’s another thing. In the U.S. we have serious issue with overweight people. We have the highest obesity rate in the world. Here’s the solution: there’s an overpopulation of rabbits according to rabbit rescues. Rabbits are lower in cholesterol, lower in fat, and lower in calories than chicken, beef, and pork. Maybe this would aid in reducing our obesity and health issues in this country.

Imagine all these rabbits getting euthanized at rabbit rescues. Yet, theres lies a partial solution to world hunger and obesity. Maybe we should be more upset with rabbit rescues for their actions, than with careless rabbit breeders.

To the rabbit rescues I say this, instead of complaining, become a hero. Hey, you have the answer to the world hunger problem, and our countries obesity problem, and all you’re doing is killing it and disposing of it. I can already see the smile on Ted’s face with this, maybe you should try grilling it instead.

For my family I offer this disclaimer: I can assure you that I don’t plan on selling any of our rabbits for meat, at least not knowingly. I also don’t plan to eat any rabbits in the near future. I also agree not to hunt any rabbits, even though their overpopulation near our house, results in a great deal of road kill.

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Rob Usakowski
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  1. Amy Windows 7 Internet Explorer 8.0 says:

    g2h u fat gay retard!!!! those poor rabbits! y dont u offer to be eaten urself! die die die! they r pet rabbits, not fraking meat worthy! if u found out some one ate ur children, u wouldnt be happy, so what makes you think they are any more important then the poor rabbits in the shelters? its people like you who deserve to die, because you think that a rabbit who has suffered a long (or short) life of abuse, then is sent to a shelter, just deservs to be killed and eaten, when it might have had a chance to have a happy life with an animal lover. grow up and stop being so selfish!!!

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